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“Just Black Love” Sunset Cliffs Couples Session – Anisett & Jason

playful black couples session at sunset cliffs san diego

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Okay so let me just take a second to thank COVID… I know what you’re thinking… Erica… WHAT?! But hear me out for a second. Yes, COVID sucks, yes, it has tested us in more ways than we ever thought imaginable, but it’s also made us appreciate all the things we have been taking for granted. For example, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t realized how much I actually needed to be touched. Like, I’m a hugger so not being able to hug my friends and family took a serious toll on my emotional health. But it also made me really cherish the little moments – the time I’d spent just watching tv with my mom, the days that my boyfriend had off and we would just send each other songs., random trips to World Market (don’t @ me). But the biggest thing that I didn’t think would affect my heart so much, was photographing people.

Let’s be clear, ya girl was doing just fine during Quarantine. I had a little nest egg saved up so I wasn’t too worried about income. But OH MY HEART CAME BACK TO LIFE WHEN I PHOTOGRAPHED THESE LOVERS!!!!

I just moved into my first apartment in May (I know, bananas!!). It’s the cutest freaking little neighborhood on the planet, and what made it even better is all of my sweet neighbors. *Cue Anisett + Jason*. Met them, instantly fell in love with them, begged them to let me photograph their faces lol. (Can you tell I’m trying really hard not to say the word “shoot”?) I feel like the word “shooting” and black people can’t mix anymore, even in a photography setting, but that’s another blog post.

ANY who. These sweet souls have been together FOREVER. I can’t even give you a number because they always were, and always will be. They are the perfectly beautiful example of how strong and loving and playful and adventurous love is and is supposed to be. They sum up Walt Whitman’s quote perfectly,

“We were together, I forget the rest”.

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