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Urban Chic Wedding at US Grant Hotel Downtown San Diego

A chic, urban wedding

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A modern chic wedding is often described as elegant and unique. Downtown San Diego is the perfect backdrop for any luxury industrial wedding, combining two popular modern and minimalist looks. So, the rooftop of the San Diego Westgate Hotel was the ideal venue for the Perkins’ urban modern chic wedding! With a black, white, and metallic color scheme and lots of greenery Tiana Melissa, absolutely brought Corey and Debrakir’s wedding dreams believable!

Squad Goals

You know I’m a sucker for all things gold, so these champagne bridesmaid dresses have me absolutely swooning.

Elegant Details

Debrakir walked down the aisle in a gorgeous full sleeve, plunging backline ballgown dress with lace detail and a rhinestone headband. She truly looked like she walked out of a storybook castle. The ceremony was filled with white roses against gold accents and subtle greenery to give an overall timeless feel. After exchanging vows, the couple held hands and jumped the broom. We love to see it!

Glamorous Style

While outside the Westgate hotel brought all the urban surroundings the atmosphere is completely transformed once stepping inside. Elegance and antiques are filled in the hotel, giving a romantic feel to the wedding day. The street entrance to the underground parking garage has a flawless mix of the two combining the perfect modern chic wedding vibes. Blending the gold details with the downtown urban look, I loved capturing their ideal style with them!

Chic Reception

Corey and Debrakir’s modern chic wedding is not shy of anything gold. Where luxury meets modern. For an overall clean and elegant style, their wedding reception had white rose centerpieces, gold-framed mirrors, and a grand chandelier overhead that brought together the modern chic feel. Debrakir made a grand entrance into the reception with a dress change. The second dress from Kleinfeld Bridal New York is a stunning fitted sequined lace dress with a matching rhinestone water bottle because that’s the main character moment we’re looking for!

For an effortless feel of a modern chic wedding, the Westgate Hotel in Downtown San Diego is hard to beat. As for the details, the Perkins’ know what’s up. Creating the perfect blend of luxury and modern with black, white, and gold with a touch of greenery. Bringing in touches of antiques and traditions to stylize and make it their own. Are you looking for a bougie photographer to capture your modern chic wedding? Look no further, I’m that bougie photographer.

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