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Let me start off by saying, being a photographer is freaking amazing! I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. In my 7 years being a full time wedding & branding photographer, I've learned a few things, grown up a lot, and have had some incredible teachers along the way. They helped me find my own voice, expand my niche, grow my clientele and fuel my passion. I am so incredibly grateful and I want to continue that mentorship and help other photographers grow and expand in their potential.
  With a background in business, I am definitely ahead of the curve in terms of the full spectrum of owning a photography business. I'm here to help.
I'm an open book so, let's grow together. 


Sessions are included but not limited to: 

+ live shoot that focuses on your niche
+ posing and direction
+ lighting and OCF
+ camera tricks and techniques
- client interactions
+ pricing and packaging
+ marketing strategies and social media
+ website audit and brand consistency 
+ collaborations and styled shoots
+ so much more!

These sessions are honestly whatever you need them to be, but all are perfectly curated to your specific wants and needs. 

One on One mentor sessions are the perfect way to grow your portfolio and get the hands on training and education you need. It's your time to learn, grow, and ask any and all questions you have about the business of photography! These are all-encompassing sessions to show you what I do and how I do it from start to finish and teach you how to do successfully do things your way.

 mentor sessions


Not in SoCal? But also... COVID? haha
Let's jump on a zoom call! I'm an open book, so anything any everything is free game. 
Typically my zoom sessions consist of a 1-2 hour session.

Sessions include but are not limited to: 
 + website and branding review 
+ how to improve marketing strategies
+ verbiage and consistency
 + brand identity
+ editing and workflow
+ blogging
+ client relationships 
+ pricing & pdfs
+ a new best friend
+ SEO, expansion and more! 



A vacation AND it's a write off?!
Sign me all the way up. 
Let's get away. Maybe grab another business friend or two and let's escape to somewhere amazing and talk business. Can be local to San Diego, or we can run away to Palm Springs, wait, did you say Tulum? ARE WE GOING TO FRANCE?! Whatever, let's make our dreams come true. (Travel fees not included)
Business Vacay with be your own personal mini workshop. Fully catered to your goals as a photographer and artist. We'll talk all things business from how to get more clients, market to the right people and boost engagement on social media. I will also set up a shoot for you to learn, create, and grow in your photography and aesthetic. We'll stay in a dope ass Airbnb, shoot and edit together, laugh over drinks and create both photo magic and memories. The best part? It's all a business expense.  

We'll talk all about:
Business + Taxes + Write Offs
Social Media & Marketing
Collaboration and Styled Shoots
Website and Design
Contracts & Emails
Have a live photoshoot
We'll make sure to take cute headshots of your glorious face
and more!

Like I keep saying, I'm an open book, so everything I know is accessible to you all while living out your best photo dreams.



Sound absolutely amazing?! Yeah, I think so too. Now open for Spring + Fall mentorships! 








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SoCal Standard is a San Diego + Baja California Mexico based wedding photographer and videographer creating emotive imagery with an editorial flare.


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